How Do Different Types of Hardwood Furniture Age?

Hardwood furniture adds antique beauty and warmth to any home. As wood furniture ages, it should become more appealing and luxurious. These overtime changes should guide your wood furniture inquiry or purchase.

Hardwood furniture ages differently depending on its species. Understanding their unique characteristics helps you design the proper care and maintenance tips. Here’s a breakdown of how each hardwood piece of furniture ages.

How Do Different Types of Hardwood Furniture Age?


Cherry hardwood is durable, resistant, and in a hurry to age. This makes it different from other hardwood species, such as oak, walnut, and maple. Cherry’s tone turns from deep amber to reddish color as it ages.  Oxidation and maximum exposure to sunlight give cherry a high-end look.


Oak is a light hardwood featuring bright mountain peak knots in its grain patterns. Its tone ranges from pale pink to coffee-like tan. White Oak is lighter and turns golden when aging. Red Oak develops a warm red tone over time.


Walnut is a highly dense hardwood with a dark brown tone. A creamy white style defines the outer parts of the Walnut, while the inner side is hued brown. Walnut hardwood furniture becomes more golden when aging. Furniture made from walnut is eye-catching and long-lasting.


Maple hardwood is fine-textured and straight-grained with light-tone sapwood. The color tone of the heartwood ranges from light to reddish-brown. During the aging process, Maple becomes warmer and develops a golden tone. This tone varies depending on sunlight and air penetration if the maple is left unstained.

Make Your Hardwood Furniture Age Brightly

Aging is inevitable in wood furniture. It’s what makes furniture look luxurious and beautiful. Here are care tips to make your wood furniture age brightly:

  • Do not expose wood furniture to direct and very bright sunlight
  • Rotate your wood furniture for maximum and even exposure to sunlight
  • Do not leave an object for long periods on the wood furniture during the curing phase

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