13 Mar

Practical Tips for Selecting the Right Furniture

Shopping for furniture can be a great adventure, but with all the many different styles and colors to choose from, it’s also easy to get overwhelmed. In this post, we will outline some practical tips that will help make furniture shopping easier.

Size is Everything

It’s not unusual for people to fall in love with a particular piece of furniture only to find out it cannot fit through a narrow door or hallway in their home or apartment. Especially for those who live in cramped quarters, trace the path a new piece of furniture must follow and measure along the way to ensure a clear path for delivery.

It’s also important to consider how much walking and living space will still be available in a given room after the furniture has arrived. A massive bedroom ensemble might be beautiful, but if it is too big in proportion to the size of the bedroom in which it resides, it will look out of place and will limit the amount of available space in which to conduct other tasks in the room.

Minimalist or Collector?

Many furniture pieces have areas for storage. Some of these pieces include china cabinets, bedroom dressers, nightstands, and entertainment centers. These types of pieces will typically have drawers and/or shelves accessed by doors. In addition, many of these pieces have open shelving and/or storage areas behind glass. Collectible enthusiasts will love furniture pieces that allow them to display their collectibles or memorabilia. On the other hand, a person who prefers a minimalist look will likely prefer to keep all their belongings behind a door or in a drawer. There is no right or wrong style, it’s just a matter of considering storage preference before buying.

Invest Long Term

Especially when selecting furniture for a baby or child’s room for example, it’s a good idea to consider investing in furniture flexible enough to “grow” with the child. If one can envision their child’s furniture easily repurposed to work in a bedroom for a pre-teen, it will allow them to gain the maximum benefit from their furniture selection.

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