Bedroom Furniture that Maximizes Storage

Lack of proper storage is a problem for most people these days, especially in the bedroom with all the items typically kept there. One great way to maximize storage is with furniture explicitly crafted to address this issue. You can find quality pieces for almost all of your bedroom furniture needs that also include storage options.

Bedroom Furniture that Maximizes Storage

Storage Bed

For your bed, you can choose a traditional captain’s bed with built-in storage. Below the mattress, the frame includes three drawers on each side where you can keep clothing or other items. The headboard comes with two drawers on each side where you can place small, personal objects. The design includes separately controlled lights above each of the two drawers for convenience. A gorgeous mirror is located in the center portion of the headboard to reflect the light and add style to the piece.


Because of the storage bed’s design, you will still be able to place nightstands on either side of the bed without them interfering with the bed’s drawers. Also, because the storage bed comes with lighting on both sides of the headboard, you don’t need to include lamps on the nightstands, which will increase the space on top where you can place items that you need to access quickly. Choose nightstands with three drawers for the most storage space for things you want to keep private.

Gentleman’s Chest

Such a chest, in addition to your regular dresser, will significantly increase the storage in your bedroom. This type of chest comes with two long drawers on the bottom. Above those drawers is a cabinet on one side of the unit with two shelves. Beside the cabinet door are five short drawers that can hold a variety of items from jewelry to ties to lingerie.

Bench Seat

At the end of your bed, you can place a sleigh bed designed seat with storage under the cushion. The gorgeous piece will become a convenient place to sit when putting on clothing or shoes while also providing extra storage space and a luxurious look in your bedroom at the same time.

With furniture available in a variety of wood such as oak, maple, cherry, hickory, and walnut, you are sure to find pieces that will meet your budget and your needs. For more information about quality furniture designs that can increase the storage in any room of your home, please contact us today.

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