24 May

The Moving Experience of Rocking Chairs and Gliders

Moving with Nostalgia

There are very few pieces of furniture that are made to move you. If your table wobbled, you would try desperately to steady it, and if your cupboard slanted, you would likely find your china in pieces on the floor. Rocking chairs hold a special place in our nostalgic hearts for its ability to soothe our stress and relax our minds. It might remind you of the front porch on that perfect night, or it could evoke Goodnight Moon’s Old Woman, who is so sweetly Whispering Hush.

The Moving Experience of Rocking Chairs and Gliders

Benefits of Motion

There are many incarnations of the rocking chair, and each has its particular action. It turns out that our two-hundred-year-old affinity for the rocker is because of the benefits it provides. Rocking or swaying can release endorphins in our brain. This simple practice can comfort the mother and newborn as they bond or erase that nagging back pain you carry through your working day. The increased circulation and subtle exercise promoted by rocking can restore a sense of well-being and burn about 150 calories an hour. Several of the many health conditions for which a rocker or glider can offer therapeutic benefit are joint pain and arthritis, anxiety and depression, dementia, insomnia, and poor circulation.

Built for Style and Comfort

The difference between a rocker and a glider is the way it moves you. The traditional rocking chair will provide an arching motion along the curved rails that contact the floor. You activate the motion with a slight push of your feet. It is that traditional piece you fancy as that beautiful statement you’ve wanted to make. It is well-suited to accent your gorgeous hardwood floors or adorn the porch where you take in the beauty of nature. Maybe that sun-drenched peaceful corner of the study is where you should plan your escape with a delightful book or a glance at TikTok.

A glider will smoothly sway from front to back in a quiet and controlled motion. It is arguably a safer choice as it guards your toes against being trapped under the rocker’s rails. You might prefer a glider in the nursery to soothe your baby back to sleep. It could also be just the remedy in the living room to ease your back while you absorb the stories of the day.

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