Create a Drop Zone in Your Home with a Hall Seat Unit

For houses without a dedicated mudroom, you often have to deal with everyone dropping their belongings on the floor when they come home. Doing this makes an unsightly mess and creates chaos. However, you can stylishly solve this problem by placing a hall seat unit in the area where your family enters. Many designs are available to coordinate with your home’s style and decor.

Create a Drop Zone in Your Home with a Hall Seat Unit

Contemporary Elegance

Choose a gorgeous, large unit in a classy white for a modern look. Two towers with multiple shelves provide storage for shoes, books, and other items. Between the towers is a cushioned bench where you can sit while slipping shoes on and off. Beneath the seat is a closed cabinet to store things out of sight. Above the bench area is a backboard with multiple hooks for hanging backpacks or short jackets.

Traditional Sophistication

In houses with more traditional decor, a rich-looking unit in a brown stain will add a refined appearance to your home. For a family with up to three children, a perfect choice is a hall seat unit with a division for each child. On the top of each section, you’ll find a mirror perfect for checking one’s appearance. Beneath the mirror is a sturdy hook for a coat or other items that you want to hang up. Below the seating area is a beautiful lattice weave basket for keeping personal possessions hidden.

Old-Style, Rustic Charm

For a smaller area or family, choose a rustic-looking, old-style type of unit with a lift-up seat for storage to keep items out of sight. Three hooks on the attractive backboard are high enough to hang most coats easily. A multi-sectioned mirror on the top adds function and charm to this unit. This hall seat will give you and your loved ones just enough extra storage to keep items organized and off the floor.

With one well-made and stunning piece of furniture, you can create a drop zone in your home that your family will love. For more information about hall seat units, please contact us today. Our skilled Amish and Mennonite artisans craft all of our solid wood furniture by hand with finishes that will last a lifetime.

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