Solid Wood Furniture Storage for Any Room

Solid Wood Furniture Storage for Any RoomWhen was the last time that you heard anyone complaining about having too much storage space? Never, right?! We all seem to be good at accumulating a wealth of possessions, whether we need them or not, but then we run out of crooks and crannies to store everything that we have. Even after we do our annual purging of closets, there is still just never enough necessary storage space.

That is why this Anywhere Armoire is such a beautiful yet functional piece of furniture to bring into your home! Whether your family room needs a greater storage capacity for your overflowing stack of board games or extra blankets or it’s your bedroom that needs more storage for off season articles of clothing like sweaters or boots, this gorgeous and sturdy furniture piece will provide the storage that you need for a lifetime.

This Addison Anywhere Armoire is built from the finest North American brown maple, with shelving, drawers, and a convenient sliding pocket door. This beautiful piece of furniture by Streamside Wood Shop is constructed by Amish craftsmen who have been producing quality hardwood furniture for many years. This company, among many others, are the heartbeat of our showroom here at Amish Furniture Showcase. We take pride in offering our customers only the best, and the various Amish and Mennonite craftsmen who dream and put together this fine display of furniture use intricate detail and beautiful hardwood material.

When you come out to visit us in Frisco, we know that you will not leave empty handed. We have a plethora of options for homeowners who are looking to add a new piece here and there or are needing to fill an entire home with solid hardwood furniture. Come and see for yourself how beautiful this furniture truly is!

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