Prepare for Holiday Hosting with a Small China Cabinet

Decorating for the holidays is always exciting, but it can also leave your home feel pressed for space. The Christmas tree always takes up more space than you remember, and accents, stockings, and wreaths can take up even more of the space devoted to your decorations. If your house is going to be the go-to destination for holiday dinners, space will be at a premium. So make every corner of your home shine by trading out your bulky china cabinet for a smaller holiday hutch that lets your front rooms have a perfect look.

Prepare for Holiday Hosting with a Small China Cabinet

Find a china cabinet that uses up less wall space.

No matter how many decorations you put up, available wall space will be one of the first things to do. Temporarily move your larger cabinet to the office or the garage so you can put the tree in a prominent (but out of the way) corner. But the tree doesn’t have to replace your heirloom dishes completely. Smaller curios can hold just your holiday sets of dishes or have a balance of windowed shelves and drawers that let you highlight your favorite pieces and compactly store the rest.

Look for shallower seasonal furniture.

If you have an extending dining table, creating clear footpaths for guests is just as important as having enough wall space for all of your decorations. Smaller furniture doesn’t just give you that extra space. They also have smaller depths so your rooms won’t feel crowded — even at maximum capacity.

Upgrade your cabinets as a gift to yourself.

You don’t have to be hosting a big Christmas dinner in order to find a perfect new china cabinet. If your current furniture doesn’t match your home’s style or it’s starting to show its age, come to the Amish Furniture Showcase in Frisco. Our furniture is built to last, and every occasion is a good occasion for a china cabinet you love.

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