Apartment Size Amish Furniture That’s Big on Style

You don’t have to sacrifice style and craftsmanship just because you’re buying apartment size furniture. The dimensions may be a little smaller, but you can enjoy the same high quality and wide range of options when you shop at Amish Furniture Showcase. Our beautiful and durable wood furniture is designed to look great in homes of any size.

Apartment Size Amish Furniture That’s Big on Style

Tips for Buying Apartment Sized Furniture:

For the best results, start by planning your overall layout. Think about the pieces you already own and what you want to add, from bookcases to china cabinets. Many design principles are universal. You need to leave about 2 to 3 feet of space between most furniture to allow traffic to flow. You’ll also have a better experience if you create functional areas for your main activities like conversation, reading, and screen time.

Still, there are a few extra points to keep in mind for smaller spaces. Round furniture tends to work better because it keeps the eye moving. Multifunctional pieces with lots of storage are also great for doing more with less. Finally, avoid pushing furniture up against the wall. The few inches you save aren’t worth it because your rooms will look more spacious with a little empty space around each object.

Other Tips for Decorating Smaller Spaces:

Warm colors generate a more abundant and inviting atmosphere, which is one of the major advantages of buying wood furniture. In an apartment, it’s also especially important to stay on top of clutter. Have a place for everything and get in the habit of taking stuff back where it belongs each time you leave a room. Most of all, play up the strengths of your apartment home. That might be a stunning view, a unique dining set or a fabulous work of art.

Our apartment size furniture lets you enjoy the convenience of apartment living and the feel of a larger home. Contact us today at Amish Furniture Showcase to upgrade your furniture.


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