Highlighting Your Child’s Bedroom Options with Old Town Oak, LLC

Putting together a nursery or child’s bedroom is an exciting time. Many people love to pick out the perfect style of furniture for their little one. However, babies and children grow fast. It’s important to find quality furniture that will stand the test of time and grow with your child. Old Town Oak, LLC knows this and has your family in mind. They specialize in solid wood baby furniture that is well-made and functional, as well as beautiful. Check out these children’s bedroom options.

Highlighting Your Child's Bedroom Options with Old Town Oak, LLC

Three Stage Bed System

Each crib is designed to grow with your baby. What starts out as a beautiful, safe sleep space for your newborn transforms into a daybed once they’ve reached the toddler years, and then a full-sized double bed from preschool on! One bed for your child’s entire life, handcrafted with quality wood so it really will last that long. With multiple designs and finishes, with matching dressers, changing tables, and nightstands, this is the perfect setup to a room that will last.


For older kids who share a room, or even a single child who wants more space, Old Town Oak, LLC also has a beautiful line of bunkbeds. Each of their bunkbed designs are customizable, with different options for a larger or smaller bottom bunk, open bottom, storage, stairs or ladder, and much more. With five different designs to chose from, and multiple options for each, you’re sure to find the perfect bunkbed solution for your children, and still with the high quality and long-lasting handcrafted work of Old Town Oak, LLC.

Bassinets and Cradles

For the newest member of your family, Old Town Oak, LLC has two beautiful cradles, as well as a bassinet with a storage drawer, perfect for middle of the night diaper change supplies. With the mattress included, this is the perfect sleep solution to keep your new little one close to you for those first few precious months.


Because Old Town Oak, LLC specializes in children’s furniture that is customizable to your needs, they also stock special pieces to make the three stage bed systems work more for you. With an added drawer feature as well as two options for guardrails for the day beds, their focus really is to make furniture that works for you and your family.

For a complete catalogue of Old Town Oak, LLC’s children’s bedroom options and all the options and finishes they offer, please visit our website. If you have any other questions about Amish handcrafted furniture, please feel free to contact us.

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