Minimalist Style, Maximum Durability

Whether you are downsizing, upsizing or just trying to fall back in love with your home, your satisfaction with your furnishings can have a huge impact on how you feel about the space. If you remember the durable, long-lasting furniture that your elders enjoyed and struggle to find something similar, it’s time to check out the Amish Furniture Showcase for maximum durability.

Minimalist Style, Maximum Durability

Start Where You Are

Take a walk through your home and write down the pieces that you love best. What catches your eye? Is it the color or woodtone, the ease of care or the storage they offer? Do you own two couches but try to sit in just one chair every night because it’s the right size for you? Don’t worry about what you should have in your home. Make a list of the items you will always take with you in a move.

Consider What You Need to Add

Your new home may have room for your favorite things. Any new pieces you add will need to stick with the theme that fits with the items that you love. If you love your sofa, adding a trunk to serve as a coffee table and a storage spot may be an ideal choice. If you’re moving to a smaller home, you may only be able to take one bedroom set and need a twin or bunk set for another room.

Carry Tools

Measure the rooms in your new space that will be open for new furniture. If you’re taking that favorite chair, get the measurements for the spot where your new sofa will sit. If you love the idea of a console table or a coat rack at the front door, make sure that your new pieces will have space to stand out.  Another simple way to make this work is to take photos of what you love to compare to the new items you’ll see at Amish Furniture Showcase. Such images can help you find finishes and colors that will help you blend your new items and your favorite pieces.

Shopping for new furniture doesn’t have to be confusing. Once you know what you love and you understand what space you need to fill, your choices will be simpler and make more sense. Please contact us  for a view of what your home could be with furniture with maximum durability.

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