Wake Up to the Perfect Breakfast Table Every Morning

Have you been longing to gather your family together each morning but lacking the space to make it happen? You prepare a nice breakfast, but you are all walking around in different directions without a place to sit down and enjoy one another before your hectic day begins. Most families find their dining room too formal for a simple breakfast, yet they want something more than just standing around the bar and holding their plates of food.

Wake Up to the Perfect Breakfast Table Every MorningEvery kitchen needs an area for a breakfast table, a small yet cozy space to spend time together and review the plans for the busy day ahead. This area will be an extension of the kitchen itself and allow for the food that is being prepared to easily shuffle back and forth between table and counter, rather than having to carry an assortment of cereal boxes or juice bottles all the way into the formal dining area. Conversations around the breakfast table will quickly become one of the most treasured parts of the day as children are sleepily recounting their dreams from the night before or your husband is talking through the big meeting he has later that morning.

If you are ready to take the plunge and add a new breakfast table to your kitchen, then you shouldn’t waste your time on anything but the best. Our solid wood dining tables at Amish Furniture Showcase bring both beauty and function to our customers’ homes. We know that every person that comes through our doors has a unique sense of style and a certain vision of what they are wanting for their family. Our large variety of color, size, and design ensures that there is something there for everyone.

Our talented team of Amish and Mennonite craftsmen utilize their expertise in creating furniture that will stand the test of time, with top notch finishes that will keep your table looking new for years to come. Come out and visit us today, and tomorrow you can wake up and enjoy the perfect breakfast table!

New Bedroom Suit to Fit Any Style

New Bedroom Suit to Fit Any StyleHave you been living with hand-me-down furniture for most of your adult life? Many of us get started right out of college or in our first years of marriage by scraping by from the goodness of others. We borrow our aunt’s couch or inherit our grandmother’s dining table. Although we appreciate the benevolence of others, these items eventually wear out and need to be replaced.

Such is probably the case with your bedroom furniture. You’ve pieced together a random bed frame and chest of drawers with another mismatched dresser, and it’s time to buy a collective set that matches and will last you for many years to come. It’s out with the old and in with the new, and Amish Furniture Showcase is the best place to make that happen!

We have a large variety of bedroom furniture that is intended to fit any and every style out there. Our intricately designed pieces have been created by Amish and Mennonite craftsmen who have a knack for detail and a talent for generating quality furniture that is built to last. Our intention is not to send you home with something you like that will last you for the next year or two, or until your stylistic preferences change. Rather, we desire for every customer to go home with furniture that they love and that they will enjoy for decades to come.

If your bedroom has very contemporary colors and angles going on or if you’ve got more of an old-fashioned vibe, we’ve got options for everyone. Our pieces vary in type of wood and in color, and we have bedroom suits that are built for larger rooms in mind or smaller pieces for more cramped quarters.

We know that we’ve got something that you will love, and we invite you out to Amish Furniture Showcase today to take a look around. We know that your new bedroom suit is waiting for you!

Curl Up Beside the Fire in a Comfy Wooden Rocker

Curl Up Beside the Fire in a Comfy Wooden RockerNothing draws you in quite like a warm fire on a cold winter’s day. Whether it’s a few quick moments of relaxation at the end of a long work day or a lazy Saturday full of hours of free time, there is something about a fireplace and a rocking chair that just go together. Maybe you’ve been aching to finish that book you started several weeks back or finally ready to sit down and catch up on your current Netflix series. Kicking back in a comfortable rocking chair is the ideal way to unwind and find that rest that you have been so desperately needing.

At Amish Furniture Showcase, we know that our customers are looking for both style and function when they browse through our uniquely crafted wooden furniture. We have a large variety of rocking chairs and living room furniture that is built to last and to accommodate the various needs of each particular customer. Whether you are looking for an entire set of matching living room furniture or a single rocking chair for a particular corner of your home, we have options for you!

Gone are the days when rocking chairs had to be hard and uncomfortable. In addition to our basic solid wood rockers, we have plush cushioned options that are more comfortable for long periods of sitting and also make a decorative statement in and of themselves. For example, the Bow Arm Slat Rocker pictured above would make the perfect addition to any living room or bedroom in need of a cozy resting spot.

Come out and visit our store today. We know that our wide selection of furniture will provide you with the perfect option for your chilly winter days beside the fire!

Enjoy a Classic Roll-Top Desk for Your Home Office

As the year draws to a close and you are finishing off all of your personal business and budget details, you are most likely spending a lot of time in your home office. With your laptop open and documents spread out all over the place, it’s nice to be able to just close the door on all of the private details when it’s time to step away. Having a space in your home where you can take care of all of the necessary details of running a household without having to worry about papers getting lost or stained is a true necessity.

Enjoy a Classic Roll-Top Desk for Your Home OfficeThat’s why every home needs an office, a place where mom or dad can retreat to in order to think clearly and get work done. And, if that office is efficient and comfortable to the degree that it should be, then you will most likely need to purchase additional furniture pieces to handle all of the required business. A large, solid desk will provide a workspace to sit at for hours on end as you tabulate numbers and reformat your various projects.

The only thing better than a solid hardwood desk is one that also provides storage compartments and the opportunity to close up shop and keep your private matters safe. A classic roll-top desk does just that! With ornate details and superior craftsmanship, our Amish Furniture Showcase gallery provides various options for roll-top desks in a number of different sizes and colors.

Whether you are looking for something super simple to put in the corner of your bedroom or a more elaborate piece to add to your existing home office, a classic roll-top is the best option for your bookkeeping needs. Our solid furniture is built from the finest North American hardwoods by talented Amish and Mennonite craftsmen. Come out and visit us today, and we know that we’ll send you home with the perfect new piece!

Wooden Bar Stools for Your New Kitchen

Wooden Bar Stools for Your New KitchenSo, you’ve recently remodeled your kitchen and are looking for new items to fill it. Making changes to your home always brings about excitement, and, for the majority of the time, your kitchen serves as the central hub of what is going on within your household. Whether you are spending hours working on a big meal or spreading your portfolio contents out across the bar, the kitchen is where you spend a lot of your time.

Maybe your husband joins you by bringing his laptop over, or your daughter settles in with her math homework while you put supper together. Working in the kitchen is best enjoyed while in the company of friends and family. But where can they sit and get comfortable while you do your cooking thing? You want to make sure that your new kitchen is fully stocked with all of the elements of function and style.

At Amish Furniture Showcase, we know what it takes to make your house a home. Our wide selection of wooden bar stools offers various colors and designs to decorate your kitchen’s bar or island with both function and style. Our furniture is built to last with top industry finishes, and our designs carry over from dining chairs to bar stools that either remain stationary or swivel.

By adding a set of wooden bar stools to your new kitchen, you are offering your family members or friends the opportunity to enjoy one of the best seats in the house. The kitchen will forever be where some of the best memories and best conversations take place, and we would love to have a part in making those conversations get started Come out and visit our store today, and you’ll go home with a wise investment!


Looking for the Best Way to Store Your Clothing? Check Out Our Beautiful Armoires

Looking for the Best Way to Store Your Clothing? Check Out Our Beautiful ArmoiresSo the temperature has dropped outside and you’re running late for work. There is nothing quite as frustrating as frantically digging around for your favorite sweater. Your closet is too full with odds and ends to even house your clothing, and each drawer is overstuffed yet you can’t find anything to wear. There has to be a solution to this morning madness that greets you every day!

A beautiful solid wood armoire is the perfect answer to your crowded storage issue. The addition of this ornate piece of furniture to any bedroom creates a space to neatly organize clothing and/or extra blankets and linens while also providing artistic expression. Our armoires are intricately pieced together by Amish and Mennonite craftsmen who use only the finest quality North American hardwoods with top industry finishes.

If you have a bedroom that needs new furniture or another area of the house that needs additional storage space, then come visit us today at Amish Furniture Showcase! Our selection of beautiful armoires offers various sizes and colors, sure to meet the needs of whatever style already exists in your home. Come out to visit our showroom in Frisco today, and our staff would love to meet you and assist you with all of your furniture needs.

The Beautiful Wooden TV Stand that Every Home Needs

Eden TV StandTis the season for great deals on all things electronic! With Black Friday around the corner, the price is right to consider purchasing a bunch of new media equipment for your home. Maybe it’s a new gaming system for the kids that you’ve got your eye on, or maybe it’s a top of the line smart tv that you desperately want for your family room.

Purchasing this new equipment is the easy part, but what do you do with it once you get back home? You can’t trust that old entertainment center you inherited from a buddy to house your new electronic gear. You need a showpiece, something that will attract as much attention as the television that sits upon it. You need a piece of solid wood furniture that is built to last and stand the test of time and years of wear and tear.

At Amish Furniture Showcase, we have a variety of solid tv stands and entertainment centers that are intended to do just that! Our beautiful pieces of furniture are crafted out of North American hardwoods and finished with precise detail and top quality finishes. We have pieces that are smaller for the cozier space in your home, as well as large pieces that are meant to house your tv and store gaming systems, DVDs, books and more!

We know that the perfect tv stand is waiting here for you!

A Beautiful Hardwood Dining Table for Your Next Family Gathering 

A Beautiful Hardwood Dining Table for Your Next Family Gathering Delicious food and a relaxed atmosphere create the perfect scene for lingering conversations and laughter shared with loved ones. The only thing that is often missing is a beautiful table to gather around, a table that is worthy of such memorable moments. You may find that you are long overdue for a nice quality table to adorn your dining room, and you don’t need to waste your time on anything less than the best.  

A wooden dining table from Amish Furniture Showcase is a piece of furniture that is built to last a lifetime. Our beautiful tables are customized and designed by Amish and Mennonite craftsmen with a knack for detail and precision. When you add one of our solid tables to your dining space, you are not merely bringing in a piece of wood to put your food on at mealtime. You are making a statement and creating a focal point for your entire home. 

As you are preparing to host various holiday parties and meals this year, don’t forget that a new dining table is an essential. This ornate piece will provide a luxurious element to the dining experience while providing a solid and functional space to house your entire family and all of the favorite foods that await you. Come visit us today and select the perfect table for your next holiday gathering! 

Handcrafted Crib

A Handcrafted Crib that Will Grow with Your Child No one wants to buy a piece of furniture that becomes useless in just a few years, right? We want our money to be invested wisely. We want to get our money’s worth out of our purchases and find products that are built to last.  

If you find yourself preparing for a new baby and filling your nursery with all of the necessary items, then you want only the best for your little one. You want quality items that will stick with your child for a long time. That is exactly what you will find when you shop at Amish Furniture Showcase. We carry beautiful and durable wooden nursery furniture that is made to be converted as your child grows. 

Our beautiful selection of cribs and nursery furniture are built and designed by Amish and Mennonite craftsmen who use only North American hardwoods for their ornate pieces. The cribs are all built to convert to toddler beds and then to a double bed, changing with your child. The investment you make in nursery furniture will be something that your child takes with them to college and even into their own home one day! 

This particular piece is made of Sap Cherry wood with a beautiful Rich Tobacco finish. This style is a part of the Berkley Collection, which has a number of lovely solid wood cribs and dressers of all shapes and sizes. We know that our collection of wooden furniture has a little something for everyone, and we would love for you to come visit us in Frisco today to find that special something for your home! 

A Wooden Nightstand is the Practical Choice for Your New Bedroom

A Wooden Nightstand is the Practical Choice for Your New BedroomAre you in the process of decorating and filling a new home? If you are upgrading to a larger space for yourself or your family, then you are likely to run into the need for additional furniture. Adding bedrooms to your home creates an exciting problem! It’s so nice to have the extra space yet you’ve run out of pieces to fill it with.

If you are looking to furnish a new bedroom, then you have to keep the practicality of the room in mind. Of course you need a bed to house your existing family or the visitors you expect to have, but what else would be of use in this new space? By adding a nightstand to the bedroom furniture, you are bringing both convenience and décor to the room.

A nightstand is an excellent choice because it serves the purpose of holding important and frequently used items in its drawers while also providing space on top for lamps, books, and whatever other items you need to quickly grab before or after getting into bed. By going with a solid wood nightstand, you are purchasing a piece of furniture that is both beautiful and built to last.

The unique items that we sell at Amish Furniture Showcase are designed by Amish and Mennonite craftsmen who use only the finest of North American hardwoods on their many ornate projects. The quality of the furniture is increased by the way in which it is completed, with top of the line finishes that yield a sleek and polished piece of art. We also have options to add to our nightstand designs, such as a nightlight, a pull-out shelf under the top, or a top drawer that is lined with felt.

If you’re ready to add to the practicality of your home by purchasing a new nightstand, then come out to Frisco and visit us today. We know that we have the right item for you!