Since 2002, Amish Furniture Showcase has been offering solid wood furniture that holds its finish for a lifetime. Each piece is constructed with wood from carefully selected North American hardwoods, built by skilled Amish and Mennonite Craftsmen, and finished by hand with top-industry finishes.

The Amish are a group of people known for their simple lifestyle, plain dress, and rejection of many of our modern world’s conveniences. Their lives are very focused on family and the local church. Most Amish men either work at home on their farms, or are involved in some type of woodworking. The Amish are characterized by hard manual labor and quiet humility.

Over the years, Amish furniture has become synonymous with quality furniture. These days, the “Amish” label has been tainted by high production, lower quality furniture. Unfortunately, not all Amish furniture is quality furniture anymore. For over 12 years, Amish Furniture Showcase has offered handcrafted solid wood furniture using the tried and true high standards of pure Amish craftsmen. In our furniture, you will find a true dedication to quality and endurance that’s second to none.