Adorn Your New Guest Room with Only the Best Furniture

Adorn Your New Guest Room with Only the Best FurnitureAre you taking on any exciting projects around the house this summer? Perhaps you are long overdue in converting that junk room into a guest room for your favorite friends and family? Many homeowners find themselves putting off this item on their to-do list because it seems like too much work or because they don’t have any furniture that will work in a guest room. Most guest rooms need a decent sized bed and an extra dresser or table but nothing large or extravagant.

At Amish Furniture Showcase, we understand that no two homes are the same, and no two bedrooms require the exact same type of furniture. That is why we enjoy the fact that we get to offer our customers a little bit of everything! If you are the less-is-more type or like something more extravagant, we have options. Our solid wood bedroom furniture is made out of various types of wood and stained in various colors. We have some pieces that are large and bulky, ideal for filling a large room. And, we have other pieces that are smaller and more ornate for the rooms that do not need a lot of furniture to bring sufficient character and charm.

Each of our unique pieces have been created by Amish and Mennonite craftsmen from across the country who use only beautiful North American hardwoods and top of the line finishes. These pieces are perfect for any household across the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area because there is such richness and intricate design in each unique item. Your new guest room deserves great furniture for making your guests feel at home and for storing all of the extra valuables and items that often make their way into these spare rooms.

Come out to Frisco and visit us today to see for yourself just what amazing deals we have to offer you and your home! We provide quality furniture that tells a story and is built to last for many years to come!

Go With Bunk Beds for Convenience and Style

Go With Bunk Beds for Convenience and StyleHow much cooler is it to share a room if you’re doing it with style? Sleeping in the same room with your little brother is much more tolerable if there are two separate beds. And, if those beds can be transformed into a makeshift treehouse or castle or anything else that your imagination dreams up, then sharing a bedroom might even become fun! That’s why adding new bunk beds to your home is a win-win for the whole family because you are bringing both convenience and style into cramped quarters.

Whether it is one of your primary bedrooms that you’re looking at enhancing or a guest room that only sleeps family and friends on rare occasions, bunk beds are the perfect way to save on space while only enhancing the style and charm of any given room. At Amish Furniture Showcase, we have multiple options for you to choose from when you are shopping for a new set of bunk beds. Each piece of our North American hardwood furniture is crafted with great detail and precision, and we offer furniture in all shades and styles that are intended to fit practically any and every home in the greater Dallas area.

Bunk BedsWhether this is your first piece of solid hardwood furniture in the room or you are needing to match a plethora of other pieces, we have beautiful options for you to choose from that will add character and function to any bedroom that you are looking to improve upon. Our bunk beds are made to conveniently stack upon one another yet can also be unbanked and used separately down the road when the time is right. The beds featured here are crafted by Old Town Oak, a company that specializes in baby furniture. These gorgeous examples of their bunk beds, in both oak and cherry, are a perfect sampling of the lovely bedroom furniture that we have on display.

Our furniture is built by hands that speak for themselves with a lifetime of love and raw talent. The Amish and Mennonite craftsmen who produce these amazing pieces of hardwood furniture have honed in on their skills and work tirelessly and precisely to build these timeless pieces. Our furniture will stand strong to the test of time and hold its top of the line finish despite the wear and tear that is brought its way. Contact us to learn more about all of the quality furniture that we have to offer you and your home!

Beautiful and Convenient Day Bed for Your Guest Room

Beautiful and Convenient Day Bed for Your Guest RoomHave you been planning out various projects around your home for the summer? Maybe it’s cleaning out a closet here and there or finally converting that extra room into an office or place for your guests? At Amish Furniture Showcase, we understand how convenient it is to have that multi-purpose space in your home where you can store necessary items but also create a comfortable place for your friends and family to sleep when they come to visit.

Oftentimes a guest room is difficult to furnish because of square footage issues. There is not enough space to put a bed because of all of the other pieces of furniture that need to be housed in this particular room. For that reason, our visitors are forced to spread out on the couch or throw an air mattress on the floor at the end of the day. Wouldn’t you love to have the option of offering your friends a decent place to sleep when they come to visit? Imagine how much easier it would be on everyone if the guest room could be used for actual guests and could prevent the hassle of dragging out blankets and pillows for a makeshift bed.

Beautiful and Convenient Day Bed for Your Guest RoomA day bed is the most practical and convenient option for your guest room transformation project! Adding one of our beautiful and solid wood day beds to your home will add function without taking up a big chunk of space. These beds offer comfort and charm and are the perfect option for guests of all ages. You can even find options for a day bed with a trundle, so that you can add extra sleeping capacity when necessary without compromising your open space on a regular basis. These specific day beds by Indian Craft have been built with immense detail and precision, and they join the rest of our quality hardwood furniture here at Amish Furniture Showcase.

Our beautiful pieces have been designed by Amish and Mennonite craftsmen from across the country who use only the finest North American hardwoods for their various projects and designs. You will find a style and color choice that works for any room in your home and will enhance the beauty and function of your guest room, as well as your dining room, kitchen, living room, and more! Come visit us today to see for yourself all of the beauty that we have to offer your home with our stylish furniture!

Furnish Your Home with Solid and Stylish Occasional Tables

Furnish Your Home with Solid and Stylish Occasional TablesAre you finishing the final stages of building or remodeling your home? Maybe this is your first time to fully furnish your home or perhaps you are a seasoned pro by now. Whether you are starting from scratch and needing enough new furniture to fill an entire home or just a few new pieces here and there to join your family heirlooms, our beautiful collection of solid wood furniture provides the perfect pieces for any room in your stylish DFW home.

Each piece of our hardwood furniture is built by Amish and Mennonite craftsmen who have put a great deal of time and detail into their work. They use only the finest North American hardwoods and create pieces of solid Furnish Your Home with Solid and Stylish Occasional Tablesfurniture that are built to stand the test of time and are finished with a high quality seal that is beautiful yet durable. The beautiful occasional tables that we have on display are perfect for scattering across any and every room in your home. Maybe you need a small surface to house a stack of books here and there or a place to set your favorite decorative art piece.

Whether you are looking for a little table to fit snuggly into a corner or a large coffee table to take up a big chunk of your living room space, we have elegant and functional options for you. These lovely designs pictured here are from Shrock’s Furniture, a family business that has been producing quality furniture since 1973. At Amish Furniture Showcase, we believe in investing in such companies and families that understand what it takes to create amazing wooden furniture that looks great in any home. We believe in each of these furniture companies that we have on display, and we know that great care and precision has gone into every piece.

Furnish Your Home with Solid and Stylish Occasional TablesCome out and visit us in Frisco today, and we know that you will find excellent options for furnishing your home with style and charm. The occasional tables that we have to offer come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect look to complement the existing design of your home!

Spend Your Summer Relaxing on Quality Hardwood Furniture

Spend Your Summer Relaxing on Quality Hardwood FurnitureDo you have high hopes of a lot of R&R spent around the house this summer? Maybe you’re planning to enjoy the pool by day and catch up on all things Netflix by night. We see many of our customers who want to gather their family together to play a game or enjoy favorite shows and movies in the comfort of their own home, yet they lack the furniture to make the party happen. Someone is always left sitting on the floor or pulling over a spare chair from the dining room. Or, on the other hand, maybe there is plenty of seating in the living room but not a single piece of furniture that matches any other piece.

Spend Your Summer Relaxing on Quality Hardwood FurnitureWhether your home is short on seating or too heavily mismatched, it’s time to find some quality furniture that looks great and is built to last for many years to come. No one wants to have furniture that can’t handle all of the life that is lived in your home, all of the ups and downs from busy children bouncing around or long conversations spent needing to just lay back and get cozy. At Amish Furniture Showcase, we know that our customers want their living rooms to be full of both style and comfort. They want to find a great deal on legitimate furniture, with quality that will stand the test of time and look no worse for the wear.

If you’re ready to stop constantly needing to replace your ragged furniture, then it’s time to come out and take a look at our solid wood furniture sets at Amish Furniture Showcase. Our living room sets are crafted by the finest Amish and Mennonite craftsmen from all across the country and derived from strong and beautiful North American hardwood. The exceptional living room pieces pictured here, from AJ’s Furniture, have been made using only the highest quality hardwood lumber and seating foam material. These pieces are from the Balboa collection and boast a strong and comfortable place to sit back and relax while also blending into the existing décor in your living space.

Spend Your Summer Relaxing on Quality Hardwood FurnitureThese neutral tones pair well with many other colors and textures, thus making these pieces the perfect addition to any home in the Dallas area. Come visit us today to learn more about all of the solid wood furniture options that we have to offer!

Solid and Stylish Dining Tables for Every Home

Barstow Dining TableIs your hand-me-down furniture on its last leg? Is your family growing and in need of a strong and stylish dining table to enjoy on a regular basis? Whether you are serving your family a meal in the middle of the week or having a party and entertaining friends, your dining area is one of the most popular spots in your home. You can hang the most lavish décor on the walls and update your floors with the trendiest material on the market, but your dining furniture in and of itself often makes the biggest statement.

At Amish Furniture Showcase, we know what it takes to put together a beautiful home with quality furniture that will stand the test of time. We have an expansive display of intricately designed solid wood furniture that is built by some of the most talented and Stanton Dining Tablecreative Amish and Mennonite craftsmen in the country. These furniture makers use only the finest North American hardwoods to piece together a product that is seamless and strong, durable yet elegant. You can feel good about serving dinner on a table that is intended to endure the wear and tear that a family can bring.

Whether it’s a special occasion or a normal day, The Country Wood Shop knows what kind of detail and quality goes into the right dining table for you and your home. Whether it’s oak or walnut that you’re going for, maple or cherry, these hardwood tables offer a charm and beauty to your dining room that cannot be rivaled. If your dining party is typically only a few, then we have some smaller tables that will work best for your needs. However, if you feed a large brood on a regular basis, we have larger tables that will work great for gathering your people around for great food and even better conversation.

Come out to Frisco and visit us today to see for yourself just how beautiful and dynamic Vienna Testle Dining Tablethese tables are meant to be in your home. We know that you’ll find something that you love!

Solid Wood Furniture Storage for Any Room

Solid Wood Furniture Storage for Any RoomWhen was the last time that you heard anyone complaining about having too much storage space? Never, right?! We all seem to be good at accumulating a wealth of possessions, whether we need them or not, but then we run out of crooks and crannies to store everything that we have. Even after we do our annual purging of closets, there is still just never enough necessary storage space.

That is why this Anywhere Armoire is such a beautiful yet functional piece of furniture to bring into your home! Whether your family room needs a greater storage capacity for your overflowing stack of board games or extra blankets or it’s your bedroom that needs more storage for off season articles of clothing like sweaters or boots, this gorgeous and sturdy furniture piece will provide the storage that you need for a lifetime.

This Addison Anywhere Armoire is built from the finest North American brown maple, with shelving, drawers, and a convenient sliding pocket door. This beautiful piece of furniture by Streamside Wood Shop is constructed by Amish craftsmen who have been producing quality hardwood furniture for many years. This company, among many others, are the heartbeat of our showroom here at Amish Furniture Showcase. We take pride in offering our customers only the best, and the various Amish and Mennonite craftsmen who dream and put together this fine display of furniture use intricate detail and beautiful hardwood material.

When you come out to visit us in Frisco, we know that you will not leave empty handed. We have a plethora of options for homeowners who are looking to add a new piece here and there or are needing to fill an entire home with solid hardwood furniture. Come and see for yourself how beautiful this furniture truly is!

Deluxe Wooden Conference Table and Chairs  

Conference Table and ChairsDo you enjoy sitting around the table for that endless conference call? Do you think your coworkers are as miserable as you are when the mandatory staff meeting lasts an hour longer than scheduled? Many hardworking employees spend time gathering around the conference table more often than they would prefer. And, although the meeting agenda itself can be a tad on the boring side, one of the main reasons that sitting around the table is so painful is because of the condition of the office furniture in and of itself.

No one can enjoy lengthy amounts of time spent sitting on a hard surface. Although the chair might look ornately beautiful, it is severely lacking in comfort. Such chairs are fine for fine dining and environments where you spend more time looking at the furniture rather than sitting on it. However, when you are looking at purchasing new office furniture and considering just how much time is spent sitting on those desk chairs day after day, meeting after meeting, then the decision should involve comfort in addition to style.

Desk ChairAt Amish Furniture Showcase, we are proud to boast options for our customers that serve each purpose that you have in mind. Our elite quality conference room furniture is the perfect blend of beauty and function, with pieces that will stand the test of time and house your employees for many years to come. Our specific line of Delray furniture, pictured here, is manufactured by F&N Woodworking and is made with Brown Maple with an Asbury stain. These desk chairs are a mix of beautiful fabric and solid design, with a Kevco base that is made to endure the rolling around and reclining features that desk chairs provide.

If you are looking to change up your office furniture or maybe add a new conference table and chairs to your small home office, then we have some amazing options for you to choose from. Our high level of quality furniture is paired with our high level of customer service and satisfaction. Your trip to visit us in Frisco will not disappoint! Come out today and see for yourself what beautiful bargains we have to offer.

New Sideboard Table to Compliment Your Dining Room

Has your dining area been lacking in function and style? You’ve probably got a lovely dining table and plenty of comfortable chairs to accommodate your family and occasional guests. However, when it comes to serving your food and housing your extra dishes, you need a better solution.

New Sideboard Table to Compliment Your Dining RoomThe distance from the kitchen counter to the dining room becomes far too long when you are making multiple trips. Carrying your dinner to the table, one dish at a time, can become very frustrating when you are doing it meal after meal. It would be much more convenient if you had an additional table to utilize, a space for spreading out the various bowls and platters necessary to serve all the elements of your meal.

By adding a new sideboard table to your dining area, you are creating a workable space that will prove to be very useful at meal time and pretty to look at all of the time. This specific Montana Sideboard table by Woodside Woodworks LLC is the perfect picture of charm and elegance paired with the durability and strength that solid wood provides. This amazing table shown here comes in your choice of material, such as oak, cherry, maple, hickory, etc. And you can rest assured in knowing that each piece of this American made furniture is carefully crafted with many specializations provided and many others available upon request.

When you purchase new furniture for your home, you want to invest in something that will stick with you for many years to come. A sideboard table will bring a usefulness and air of luxury to any room in need. Though traditionally used in connection with dining and food service, these tables are also an excellent addition to many other areas of your home. Your foyer may be missing this type of table to add warmth to the open space while housing your décor. Your home office or guest room may need that extra table top and storage space that goes beyond the smaller coffee table size.

Come out to Amish Furniture Showcase today, and you’ll find yourself falling in love with these sideboard tables and all of the possibilities that they bring to your home!

The Perfect “Live Edge” Furniture for Your Home or Office

Has your dining room or conference room been lacking that certain touch of charm and elegance? You’ve had the same furniture for far too long, and it’s time for something new. But you want to find a unique piece that sets your space apart from anything that you would see next door.

Custom Wood Creations!

The perfect “live edge” table for your home or office is awaiting you at Amish Furniture Showcase. These amazingly unique tabletops are ideal for pairing with the wide variety of metal bases that we have to offer and will make a lovely addition to any room. Whether you are looking for a smaller sized coffee table to display your favorite books and The Perfect “Live Edge” Furniture for Your Home or Officemagazines, a large farm table to gather around at the next family meal, or a deluxe conference table that doubles as a piece of art for your many clients to enjoy, we have options for you to explore.

These “live edge” pieces can be found in either raw or finished slabs and are built from a variety of wood sources. We are always proud to stand behind our solid furniture and the long lifetime that carefully crafted wooden furniture has to offer. These live pieces bring a classic and timeless look to your residential or commercial property that will become a talking point for everyone who comes through your doors.

Not everyone in the DFW area has the privilege of selling such contemporary tables, and we are proud to serve our customers by offering these amazing options that keep us on the cutting edge of the furniture business. Come out today and see for yourself how beautiful our “live edge” furniture truly is!

Furniture for Your Home or Office