Matching Wooden Glider and Ottoman for Your Family Room

The family room in your home should be the place where everyone can come together and relax. Busy schedules often have family members pulled in completely different directions, and we all need that space where we can fully unplug and reconnect.

Matching Wooden Glider and Ottoman for Your Family Room

Each home is much the same in that every person has their “spot”. This is the couch or chair where someone always sits, the spot they have claimed as their own. The problem is that many families outnumber the comfortable seating spots in their favorite room, leaving a constant fight going on as to whose turn it is to sit where.

By adding a matching wooden glider and ottoman to your favorite room, you create a solution to such a problem. Let dad have his favorite recliner while you stretch out and relax in a new, cushioned glider. A solid wood glider paired with a matching ottoman is both a beautiful and comfortable seating option for your family room or any other room in your house.

The gliders and ottomans we have at Amish Furniture Showcase are built out of top quality North American hardwoods. Our products are uniquely created by Amish and Mennonite craftsmen who use careful detail and top of the line finishes. The furniture that we produce will not merely help you get by for a few years until you can find something better but will last you a lifetime.

Come visit us today and check out the vast selection of gliders and rockers that we have to offer. We know that you’ll find the right color and style for your home!

Beautiful Hardwood Furniture for Your New Guest Room

Whether you are building onto your home this summer or building a new home altogether, you are undoubtedly in the market for new furniture. You may be housing precious family heirlooms or less valuable family hand-me-downs, so how do you decide which parts of your home are worthy of something new?

Beautiful Hardwood Furniture for Your New Guest Room

Some of us purchase new items for the rooms that see the most traffic while others reserve new purchases for their favorite room or spot in the house. If, however, you are fortunate enough to have a spare bedroom set aside for guests, then we suggest this room as a great place to start for buying new furniture. This guest room is probably a place that you rarely enter on a regular basis yet you want looking perfect for those beloved friends or family members that unexpectedly come to visit. If you make the decision to purchase beautiful hardwood furniture for this room, then you are ensuring both comfort and beauty for your guests for many years to come.

At Amish Furniture Showcase, we have some amazing options for our customers who are looking to furnish their new guest room. For those that are looking for a full bedroom suit, we have options in many different styles and colors. And, for those who have smaller rooms and only need a simple bed and side table, we have options for you, as well. Our solid North American hardwood furniture is built with precision and meant to last a lifetime. Come visit us today, and your guest room will be ready to go with only a moment’s notice!

Add a Beautiful Wooden Wardrobe to Your Bedroom Suit

Add a Beautiful Wooden Wardrobe to Your Bedroom SuitHave you been putting off that work in your bedroom? You know it has to be done but you are short on space, and there are clothes and clutter everywhere. You’re sick of stuffing clothes in drawers that are already overflowing, and it’s time for a workable solution.

The answer lies within a new wardrobe! By adding a wardrobe to your bedroom, you are giving yourself extra space for storage while also adding an ornate piece of furniture to your home. Our designs at Amish Furniture Showcase are created out of solid North American hardwoods, and each piece is built to last and finished with top industry finishes. This wardrobe will not be something that falls apart after a few years use but will become a family heirloom that is passed down to the next generation.

When you come out to visit our showroom in Frisco, you will find that we have a variety of options for you and your home. We have wardrobes in varying colors and styles, some that are large and intended to make a bold decorative statement and others that are more basic and intended for a smaller room. Come out and visit us today, and we know that you’ll find the perfect piece for your bedroom!

Organize Your Media with a Solid Wood Entertainment Center

Organize Your Media with a Solid Wood Entertainment CenterAre your gaming devices and television paraphernalia overtaking your whole room? Many of us find ourselves adding to our existing media equipment over the years, and we run out of room to conveniently house it all. We’ve got wires running all over the place and DVDs stacked here and there, and it’s time to bring some order to this mess.

What if we were to offer you an option that would provide both function and beauty to your home? A solid wood entertainment center is the perfect addition to your living room or den because it houses necessary electronic equipment while also making a visual statement. Our furniture at Amish Furniture Showcase is intricately created from North American hardwoods and crafted with both durability and style in mind.

We have entertainment centers in various styles and colors, with hardware and aesthetic touches that are sure to appeal to the individual taste of each customer. Some folks are merely looking for a small piece to showcase their tv and a few odds and ends, while others need a huge piece of furniture to cover a large wall in their home and hold a lot of equipment. The good news is that we have options that cover both ends of the spectrum! Come out to visit us today in Frisco, and we will help find the perfect entertainment center for you!

Decorate Your Entire Home with Matching Wooden Side Tables

Are you wanting to give your home a facelift this summer? Maybe you are short on time and money when it comes to extensive remodeling, but you still have the itch to change things up a bit. Adding new furniture to various rooms in your home allows you to create a new look without breaking the bank or tearing the whole house apart.

Decorate Your Entire Home with Matching Wooden Side Tables

We suggest investing in a group of occasional tables to scatter throughout the rooms of your home. These tables can be used as a primary coffee table in the family room, side tables to accompany your favorite reading chair or sofa, or bedside tables in any or all of your bedrooms. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using the stylish and solid tables from Amish Furniture Showcase in Frisco.

Our selection of solid wood occasional tables provides countless options for our customers, with tables that are darker and lighter colored wood with either metal or wooden legs and details. We are confident that we provide furniture that will fit into any style and décor, and we know that our customers can come and find pieces that they can connect with. Our furniture is created by talented Amish and Mennonite craftsmen who take quality North American hardwood and use top industry finishes on products that are built to last.

Come visit us today, and we know that you’ll find a group of tables that will make the perfect addition to your home.

A Solid Wood Trundle for Your Child’s Bedroom

Sometimes our spring cleaning projects are left undone and are forced to make their way onto our summer to-do list. Whether we’re ready or not, there are things around the house that have to be done, and our child’s bedroom is a great place to start!

A Solid Wood Trundle for Your Child’s Bedroom                                          

Summer break is full of sleepovers and hosting friends and family from out of town, and there is always a need for an extra bed for someone to crash on. However, our homes are usually lacking any extra space, and we have to get creative in order to sleep more people. This is where it would come in very handy to just reach down and pull an extra mattress out from under the bed!

Adding a solid wood trundle to your child’s bedroom will add both functionality and beauty to the space. At Amish Furniture Showcase, our bedroom furniture is made from quality North American hardwood, and we stand by the fact that our beautiful pieces will stand the test of time. This trundle bed is not one which will last through only a few rowdy sleepovers but for years to come!

Our talented Amish and Mennonite craftsmen create a variety of bedroom furniture that fits the needs of any and all of our satisfied customers, with a wide variety of styles and colors. Come visit us today and see for yourself what amazing options we have for your child’s bedroom upgrade this summer!

The Perfect Solid Wood Sofa to Relax On This Summer

Do you remember the freedom that summer used to bring as a child? The thought of knowing that you had nothing to do for a few brief months. The older you got, the more that summer break was deeply appreciated. You spent the month of May dreaming about your summer vacation and making plans accordingly.

The Perfect Solid Sofa to Relax On This Summer

As an adult, summertime still holds that endearing hope of much-needed rest and relaxation. For some, it involves a lot of road trips and vacations, but for others, the summer break from a hectic schedule involves nothing more than enjoying your own home. That movie you’ve wanted to watch for months or that book that has been gathering dust on your nightstand are now ready to enjoy. It’s time to get comfortable and enjoy your summer.

So…whether it’s settling in for an impromptu nap or catching up on Netflix, you need the right furniture to fully kick back and relax. A solid wood sofa with plush and decorative cushions is the perfect addition to your home this summer. Our large selection at Amish Furniture Showcase allows our customers the option to add a sofa to their formal living room or more relaxed family room. Our designs will even mix well with furniture in your spare bedroom or sunroom, that spot in the house where you sometimes go to get away from the rest of the world.

Whatever room it is that needs a new spot to relax on this summer, we know that you will find the perfect piece when you come visit our showroom. Our beautifully designed sofas are created by Amish and Mennonite craftsmen who use the finest hardwoods in America to build solid, intricate furniture. Come check us out today!

Memorial Day Sale! Save 25%

The Memorial Day Sales Event is currently going on at Amish Furniture Showcase, and this is our BIGGEST sale of the year!

Stop in now through June 7th and find incredible deals of 25% off all furniture around our showroom in Frisco, TX! You’ll find major discounts on bedrooms, dining rooms, office & entertainment centers, accessories and more! Contact us to learn more!

Memorial Day Sale! Save 25%

New Wooden Desk for Your Favorite Graduate

How many graduation invitations have you received in the last few months? Whether it’s high school, college, or beyond, we all know a handful of friends or family members who are graduating this month. We want to show our love with a nice gift but want to think of something unique, not just the typical money or gift card that everyone else gives.

New Wooden Desk for Your Favorite Graduate

This year, why not buy your favorite graduate a gift that will last for many years to come? A solid wood desk will be a long-term investment in the life of this young man or woman. This beautiful and durable piece of furniture will provide a space to sit and work, as well as provide storage for housing important documents and various gadgets and electronics.

For the graduate who is continuing his or her studies, a nice desk will offer a place for countless hours of studying and writing papers. For the graduate who is venturing into the work force, a handcrafted wooden desk will be the perfect touch to a new office space. The furniture we create at Amish Furniture Showcase in Frisco provides pieces that will fit with any preexisting décor, and our variety of style and color gives our customers countless options for finding a desk that is right for them.

Come out and visit us today and find the perfect gift for this graduation season!

Deluxe Wooden China Cabinet to Hold Your Treasures

As Mother’s Day approaches, we find ourselves reflecting on the special women in our lives. Maybe, for you, it is your mother who left a lasting impact on your life. For others, it is a grandmother or great-grandmother who had a profound influence on you, maybe even an aunt or family friend.

Deluxe Wooden China Cabinet to Hold Your Treasures

There are many special memories with loved ones that shape who we are and what we hold dear, and with those special memories come significant treasures. These material possessions are passed down through the generations and should be kept safely out of everyday reach. We want to keep these precious items where we can see them and reflect on them but in a place where they are out of the reach of children, pets, clumsy friends, etc.

A deluxe, handcrafted china cabinet from Amish Furniture Showcase is the best way to house all of your treasured items safely and securely yet close at hand. Although tucking your grandmother’s china away in the top of the closet is an option, it does not allow you to get it out and look at it or use it very easily. A solid wood china cabinet allows you to store items while also using them as a decorative showpiece.

Our intricately designed cabinets are made from beautiful North American hardwoods, and the beauty of the wood is easily seen in each piece. Our talented crew of Amish and Mennonite craftsmen creates solid furniture that is built to stand the test of time with top of the line finishes. Come visit us in Frisco today, and we know that you will find the perfect china cabinet for your home!

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